September 07 2023

Python Programming Mastery From Beginner To Expert

Python Programming Mastery  From Beginner To Expert
Published 8/2023
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Unlock the Full Potential of Python with Comprehensive Hands-On Training! Regex, Json, Data science, Flet and more
What you'll learn
Major and difficult python concepts would be explained using nice slides and presentation for easier assimilation
You will master the Python programming language by solving coding challenges and building projects.
Build a complete understanding of Python from the ground up!
Build Web and desktop Applications Using Flet Framework
Learn to use Object Oriented Programming with classes!
Learn how to work with APIs and understand Authentication
You will master Python regex and be able to read, write & understand any regex pattern
Learn to write professional and compact code with Python comprehension
Learn how to schedule Emails with Python Datetime module
Solve Python Codewars Challenges and get familiar with coding interviews
No programming experience needed - I'll teach you everything you need to know
No paid software required - I'll teach you how to use VsCode, Anaconda and more !
I'll walk you through, step-by-step how to get all the software installed and set up
A Mac or PC computer with access to the internet
Welcome to the Python Programming Mastery: From Beginner to Expert - The course you need to learn to code with Python The course is Structured to help you kick-start your career as a python developer even if you are a complete beginnner;At 50+ hours, this Python course is without a doubt a very comprehensive and beginner-friendly Python course. Even if you have zero programming experience, this course will take you from beginner to professional.We'll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a Python developer.The course includes over 50 hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge while making real-world Python projects.Throughout this comprehensive course, we cover a massive amount of tools and technologies, including:Python 3 - the latest version of PythonPython Scripting Data SciencePandasNumpyMatplotlibFlet Framework (Flutter)RequestRegex (Regular Expression)Json API IntegrationChatGPT APIGit, GitHub and Version Controland much much more!By the end of this course, you will be fluently programming in Python and you'll be so good at Python that you can get a job or use the language professionally.You'll also build a projects that you can show off to any potential employer. Including:Build Web, mobile and Desktop Applications using Flet frameworkLearn and Understanding Object Oriented Programming with PythonAutomate Sending Emails using SMTPlibSolve Python CodeWars Challenges and get familiar with Coding interviewsand much much more!Sign up today, and look forward to:Video LecturesCode Challenges and ExercisesFully Fledged ProjectsDownloads"With consistency, everyone can be a pro"Join me today and learn Python Programming to its fullest with hands on experience.
Section 1: Introduction and Code Editor Set Up
Lecture 1 Course roadmap & Projects
Lecture 2 How to be a successful Software Developer using the Power of Networking
Lecture 3 History of Python
Lecture 4 Why learn Python ?
Lecture 5 Important information on Python installation
Lecture 6 Installing Python on windows
Lecture 7 Installing VSCode IDE on your PC
Lecture 8 Setting Up VSCode for python
Lecture 9 Downloading Course Material
Section 2: Beginner Level : Intoduction to Python Programming
Lecture 10 Hello World!
Lecture 11 Python comments
Lecture 12 Python String and Variable Naming
Lecture 13 Python Primitive Datatypes, type function, Comment & Docstring
Lecture 14 Python Datatype Conversion (Type casting)
Lecture 15 Python Input function
Lecture 16 Coding Challenge : My Dream Job
Lecture 17 Coding Challenge Solution : My Dream Job
Section 3: Beginner Level : Control Flow and Python Operators
Lecture 18 Arithmetic operators
Lecture 19 Modulo Arithmetic
Lecture 20 Exponential Operator
Lecture 21 Assignment operators
Lecture 22 If and Else Statement, Comparison Operator
Lecture 23 Indentation and Indentationerror
Lecture 24 if, elif else Statement Whiteboard Section
Lecture 25 if, elif else Statement coding section
Lecture 26 Logical Operators
Lecture 27 Nested if..else Statement Whiteboard Section
Lecture 28 Nested If , Elif , Else Statements Coding Section
Lecture 29 Coding Challenge I : Football Adminstrator project
Lecture 30 Coding Challenge I Solution
Lecture 31 Coding Challenge II : Minutes to Hours Conveter
Lecture 32 Coding Challenge II Solution
Lecture 33 Python Ternary Operator and Shorthand if
Section 4: Beginner Level : Randomization and Python List
Lecture 34 Python module Introduction
Lecture 35 Python import statement using the from and as keyword
Lecture 36 The random module and dir function
Lecture 37 random shuffle() and seed() function
Lecture 38 Python List
Lecture 39 Python IndexError and Len() function
Lecture 40 Updating a list item
Lecture 41 Python List Operations
Lecture 42 Python Nested List
Lecture 43 Python String Behind the Scenes
Lecture 44 Advanced String functions[ capitalize, count ]
Lecture 45 More Advanced String functions
Lecture 46 Python Membership operator
Lecture 47 Coding Challenge I : The Car Picker Project
Lecture 48 Coding Challenge I Solution
Lecture 49 Coding Challenge II : ChatBot Project
Lecture 50 Coding Challenge II Solution
Section 5: Beginner Level : Python For Loop & iterables
Lecture 51 Python tuple Introduction
Lecture 52 Working with a python tuple
Lecture 53 Unpacking a Tuple
Lecture 54 Python Sets Introduction
Lecture 55 Working with a python set
Lecture 56 Python set methods
Lecture 57 Comparing list, tuple and set
Lecture 58 Python for loop Introduction
Lecture 59 Python for loop in Action
Lecture 60 Fizzbuzz[ interactive coding exercise ]
Lecture 61 Find the mean[ interactive coding exercise ]
Lecture 62 Python range function and for loops
Lecture 63 Coding Challenge I : Bank Balance Calculator
Lecture 64 Coding Challenge I Solution
Lecture 65 Coding Challenge II : Hide the Debit card number
Lecture 66 Coding Challenge || Solution
Section 6: Beginner Level : Python function and The while loop
Lecture 67 Python function introduction
Lecture 68 Defining and Calling a function
Lecture 69 Python Magic method & Pass Keyword
Lecture 70 Function Parameters VS Arguments know the difference!
Lecture 71 Functions with parameters
Lecture 72 Types of function arguments
Lecture 73 The while loop Introduction
Lecture 74 While loop & Infinite Loop
Lecture 75 Coding Challenge I : Factorial Calculator
Lecture 76 Factorial Calculator Walkthrough
Lecture 77 Coding Challenge II : Guess the number Game
Lecture 78 Guess the number Game Walkthrough
Section 7: Beginner Level : Python functions with outputs
Lecture 79 The return statement
Lecture 80 Return Multiple values
Lecture 81 Print VS return
Lecture 82 Python type hinting
Lecture 83 Recursion
Lecture 84 Python yield statement & Generator function
Lecture 85 First-class and Higher-Order Function
Lecture 86 Scope - Local VS Global Scopes
Lecture 87 Functions returning Functions
Lecture 88 Python closures & Enclosing Scope
Lecture 89 Shopping Cart Discount Challenge
Lecture 90 Walkthrough Shopping Cart Discount
Section 8: Beginner Level : Python Dictionary and Arbitary Arguments
Lecture 91 Introduction to Python Dictionary
Lecture 92 A Closer look at Python Dictionary
Lecture 93 Python Dictionary methods
Lecture 94 Iterating over dictionaries
Lecture 95 Nested dictionaries
Lecture 96 Merging dictionaries
Lecture 97 Understanding *args
Lecture 98 Understanding **kwargs
Lecture 99 Using *args to accept arbitrary positional arguments
Lecture 100 Using **kwargs to accept arbitrary keyword arguments
Lecture 101 Combining *args and **kwargs
Lecture 102 Word Counter challenge
Lecture 103 Word counter Solution & Walkthrough
Section 9: Beginner Level : Debbugging Practices and Tips
Lecture 104 What's a Bug in code?
Lecture 105 Understand the Problem
Lecture 106 Divide and conquer
Lecture 107 Stackoverflow VS ChatGPT
Lecture 108 Document your findings
Lecture 109 Seek help and collaborate
Section 10: Intermediate Level: Object Oriented Programming PART 1
Lecture 110 What's OOP?
Lecture 111 Benefits of using OOP
Lecture 112 Understanding classes and objects
Lecture 113 Constructors and Destructors
Lecture 114 Defining classes in Python
Lecture 115 Creating objects from classes
Lecture 116 Defining and using constructors in Python
Lecture 117 Defining class methods
Lecture 118 Coding Challenge : Person class
Lecture 119 Person class Solution & Walkthrough
Section 11: Intermediate Level : Object Oriented Programming PART 2
Lecture 120 Don't Skip! Quick Notes on WhiteBoard Sessions
Lecture 121 Self parameter in class Method
Lecture 122 Introduction to inheritance
Lecture 123 Creating derived classes from base classes
Lecture 124 Method overriding and super() -> WhiteBoard Section
Lecture 125 Method overriding and super()
Lecture 126 Multiple inheritance and method resolution order (MRO)
Lecture 127 Method Resolution Order in action
Lecture 128 Understanding polymorphism
Lecture 129 Using polymorphism to write flexible code
Lecture 130 Vehicle Hierarchy Challenge
Lecture 131 Vehicle Hierarchy Challenge solution & walkthrough
Section 12: Intermediate Level : Object Oriented Programming PART 3
Lecture 132 Introduction to encapsulation
Lecture 133 Access modifiers: public, private, & protected
Lecture 134 Getters and setters methods
Section 13: Intermediate Level: Exploring Data Science with Numpy, Pandas and MatplotLib
Lecture 135 What's Data Science and why Do we learn it?
Lecture 136 Setting Up your PC for Data science
Lecture 137 Getting started with Numpy
Lecture 138 Introduction to Numpy methods
Lecture 139 Python List Slicing
Lecture 140 More Numpy methods
Lecture 141 Introduction to Pandas Library
Lecture 142 Exploring Kaggle and Datasets
Lecture 143 Loading Datasets with Pandas
Lecture 144 Data Cleaning
Lecture 145 Working with pandas PART 1
Lecture 146 Working with pandas PART 2
Lecture 147 Exploring Data visualization with matplotlib
Lecture 148 Plotting with Matplotlib
Lecture 149 Styling our charts
Lecture 150 Matplotlib legend function
Lecture 151 Project : Analyzing Gun violence in U.S.A
Lecture 152 Project PART 1 : Analyzing Gun violence in U.S.A
Lecture 153 Project PART 2 : Analyzing Gun violence in U.S.A
Lecture 154 Project PART 3 : Analyzing Gun violence in U.S.A
Section 14: Intermediate Level: Python File I/O
Lecture 155 Understand Relative and Absolute File Paths
Lecture 156 Writing file paths in our programs!
Lecture 157 Understanding Python file I/O and context managers
Lecture 158 How to Create, Open, Read, and Write to Files using the "with" Keyword
Lecture 159 reader and writer function
Section 15: Intermediate Level: Array methods & Python Regex
Lecture 160 Definition and purpose of lambda functions
Lecture 161 Lambda functions in action!
Lecture 162 Higher-Order Functions and Lambda Functions
Lecture 163 Advanced Array Methods
Lecture 164 Map array method
Lecture 165 Filter array method
Lecture 166 Reduce array method
Lecture 167 Chaining Advanced Array Methods
Lecture 168 Introduction to Regex
Lecture 169 Literal search & raw string
Lecture 170 Flags
Lecture 171 Searching for patterns
Lecture 172 Quantifiers & Groups
Lecture 173 Project : Building a Sentiment Analysis Tool
Lecture 174 Project Walkthrough : Building a Sentiment Analysis Tool
Section 16: Intermediate Level: Python Comprehension
Lecture 175 List Comprehension
Lecture 176 Dictionary Comprehension
Lecture 177 Generator Expression
Lecture 178 Name Grouping Challenge
Lecture 179 Challenge Walkthrough : Name Grouping Challenge
Section 17: Intermediate Level : Python Error Handling , Exceptions & JSON module
Lecture 180 Introduction to Error Handling and Exceptions
Lecture 181 Error Handling , Exception & Error raising
Lecture 182 Json & Json Module
Lecture 183 Serializing and Deserializing JSON Data
Lecture 184 Working with complex JSON structures and nested data
Section 18: Advanced Level: Email Sending with Python SMTP and Datetime module
Lecture 185 Overview of the SMTP Protocol
Lecture 186 Smtplib , OS module and managing environment variables
Lecture 187 SMTP server hostnames
Lecture 188 Setting up SMTP Credentials and Server Connection
Lecture 189 Sending Plain Text Email Messages
Lecture 190 Attaching files to mails
Lecture 191 Implementing Email Scheduling using the datetime Module
Lecture 192 Project : Standup Meeting reminder
Lecture 193 Project Walkthrough : Standup Meeting reminder
Section 19: Advanced Level : API Integration with Python
Lecture 194 What is an API?
Lecture 195 Understanding RESTful APIs and HTTP Verbs
Lecture 196 Making HTTP Requests with Python
Lecture 197 Handling Authentication and API Keys
Lecture 198 Error Handling in API calls
Section 20: Professional Level : Flet (Flutter) Crash Course
Lecture 199 What is Flet?
Lecture 200 Understanding the command line
Lecture 201 Flet setup for Linux users
Lecture 202 Buiding your first flet App!
Lecture 203 Page
Lecture 204 View & Containers
Lecture 205 Row & Column
Lecture 206 Working with Icons and Flet icon Browser
Lecture 207 ListView & ListTile
Lecture 208 GridView
Lecture 209 ResponsiveRow
Lecture 210 DataTable
Lecture 211 Tabs
Lecture 212 Overview of Cards, Divder & VerticalDivider
Lecture 213 Text & Icon
Lecture 214 Stack, Image & CircleAvartar
Lecture 215 ProgressiveBar & ProgressiveRing
Lecture 216 Elevated, Filled, FilledTonal & FloatingAction Buttons
Lecture 217 Outlined, Icon, PopUpMenu & TextButton
Lecture 218 Checkbox, DropDown & Radio
Lecture 219 Slider, Switch & TextField
Lecture 220 AppBar & NavigationRail
Lecture 221 NavigationBar
Lecture 222 AlertDialog & Banner
Lecture 223 UserControl Class
Section 21: Professional Level: Building FletGPT with ChatGPT API
Lecture 224 Page Font Styling
Lecture 225 Colors & Theme
Lecture 226 Container shadow property
Lecture 227 Setting App page properties
Lecture 228 Adding the Left Navbar & Text Interface to the page
Lecture 229 NewChat & Sidebar buttons
Lecture 230 Chatlist & BottomSheet
Lecture 231 New Chat event handler
Lecture 232 AppLogo & Prompts
Lecture 233 A Quick Page fix
Section 22: Solving 5 Coding Challenges and Python Interview Tips & Tricks
Lecture 234 Introducing Codewars & creating a CodeWars account
Lecture 235 How solving coding challenges help you improve
Lecture 236 Welcome to the city Kata Walkthrough
Section 23: Congratulations and THANK YOU !
Lecture 237 Where to go from here
Lecture 238 Watch Out for Course Announcements
If you want to learn to code from scratch through building fun and useful projects, then take this course.,If you are a complete beginner then this course will be everything you need to become a Python professional,If you are a seasoned programmer wanting to switch to Python then this is the quickest way. Learn through coding projects.
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