November 22 2023

Flutter With Machine Learning - Complete Guide

Flutter With Machine Learning - Complete Guide
Published 11/2023
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Flutter Machine Learning Complete Bootcamp from Zero to Hero
What you'll learn
You have to know how to turn on a computer
You will be able to build any Machine Learning tool with Flutter Easily
You have to just trust the course and stick with me to see Magic
You will be able to Make money right after this course
I will show you the ways of making money with Flutter Online and Easily
There is no pre required skill for starting this course and you have to just know Algorithm and how to turn on a computer
This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Flutter, as well as the ability to incorporate Machine Learning into your projects. Throughout the course, you will gain knowledge in Object Detection, Text Detection, and more. We will utilize well-known tools such as ML models and OCR, ensuring that the content is presented in a manner that is easy for you to comprehend.Enrolling in this course does not necessitate any special prerequisites. Familiarity with basic algorithms and computer operation is sufficient to begin your learning journey.Before embarking on this zero-to-hero course, please ensure that you have:A computer equipped with a minimum of 8 GB RAM and a core i5 or higher CPU.A notebook for taking notes.An interest in developing and creating your own applications.Upon successfully completing this course and actively participating, you will possess the skills necessary to develop any application you desire. By harnessing the power of AI, you can enhance the professionalism of your applications, thereby increasing your income and chances for success in the modern world.We look forward to welcoming you to this course, where you can witness firsthand the potential of Flutter and Machine Learning Models and Technology for Mobile.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Course Introduction
Section 2: Introduction to Machine Learning and Flutter
Lecture 2 Introduction to Cross-platform development and benefits of it
Lecture 3 What is Flutter
Lecture 4 Why Flutter
Lecture 5 Devices Flutter supports
Lecture 6 Material Design
Lecture 7 Layout System in Flutter
Lecture 8 Demo of a Flutter application
Lecture 9 What is Machine Learning and Overview of Machine Learning and its applications
Lecture 10 Module 1 Speaks with students
Section 3: Build our Flutter workspace and get ready
Lecture 11 Install Flutter SDK on Mac
Lecture 12 Install Flutter SDK on Windows
Lecture 13 Install and configure Android studio
Lecture 14 Install and configure Vscode
Lecture 15 Anatomy of Flutter application
Lecture 16 Module 2 wrap-up
Section 4: Dart language
Lecture 17 Module 4 Intro
Lecture 18 Data types in Dart
Lecture 19 Naming conventions
Lecture 20 Math Operators
Lecture 21 Enums
Lecture 22 Lists and Maps
Lecture 23 Json Data type
Lecture 24 Null types
Lecture 25 Conditional Statements
Lecture 26 Loops
Lecture 27 Functions
Lecture 28 What is Object oriented programming
Lecture 29 Classes
Lecture 30 Inheritance in classes
Lecture 31 Mixins
Lecture 32 Extensions
Lecture 33 Async and awaits
Lecture 34 Arrow Functions
Lecture 35 Delivery Guy Code Practice
Lecture 36 Module 4 speaks with students
Section 5: Flutter first touches
Lecture 37 Module 5 Intro
Lecture 38 Configure Android studio for Flutter
Lecture 39 Check Flutter Demo Application
Lecture 40 What is Widget
Lecture 41 What is Context
Lecture 42 Children and parent
Lecture 43 What is MaterialApp widget
Lecture 44 What is Scaffold
Lecture 45 What is State
Lecture 46 What is Statefull Widget
Lecture 47 What is Stateless Widget
Lecture 48 Final and Const Keywords
Lecture 49 Accessing properties of Statefull and Stateless widgets
Lecture 50 Global variables
Lecture 51 Stateful widget States
Lecture 52 Container Widget
Lecture 53 Box Model
Lecture 54 Column and Row Widgets
Lecture 55 Spacing system in Column and Row widgets
Lecture 56 Spacing Widgets (SizedBox)
Lecture 57 Text Widget
Lecture 58 Button Widgets
Lecture 59 Textfields and Forms
Lecture 60 Form Validations
Lecture 61 Icons and Image Widgets
Lecture 62 Fit Property
Lecture 63 ListView Widget
Lecture 64 Gridview widget
Lecture 65 SingleChild Scroll widget
Lecture 66 Create our own Widget
Lecture 67 Pages and Navigations
Lecture 68 Application Life Cycle
Lecture 69 Assignment solution (Write our Login Form Application)
Lecture 70 Module 5 speaks
Section 6: State and state management in Flutter
Lecture 71 Module 6 Intro
Lecture 72 What are State management methods
Lecture 73 Value notifier state management
Lecture 74 Provider state management
Lecture 75 Bloc state management
Lecture 76 Write 8 ball application with Bloc
Lecture 77 Module 6 speaks with students
Section 7: Architecture Patterns in Flutter and Clean Architecture
Lecture 78 Module 7 Intro
Lecture 79 What is Architecture Patterns
Lecture 80 Clean architecture in Flutter
Lecture 81 Write First Login Form Application With Clean Architecture First Lecture
Lecture 82 Write First Login Form Application With Clean Architecture Second Lecture
Lecture 83 Module 7 speaks
Section 8: Working with Plugins and packages and assets
Lecture 84 Module 8 Intro
Lecture 85 What are and third-party packages
Lecture 86 How to use packages
Lecture 87 Install the First package
Lecture 88 Qr code generator application
Lecture 89 Module 8 speaks
Section 9: Working with Camera and Image Picker Plugin
Lecture 90 Module 9 Intro
Lecture 91 How to use Camera Feature in Flutter
Lecture 92 Write Photo Gallery Application
Lecture 93 Module 9 speaks
Section 10: Working with Databases
Lecture 94 Module 10 Intro
Lecture 95 What is a Database
Lecture 96 How to use SharedPrefrence and what is it for
Lecture 97 Object base Databases and Working With Hive
Lecture 98 Writing Contacts application with Hive Part 1
Lecture 99 Writing Contacts application with Hive Part 2
Lecture 100 Module 10 Speaks
Section 11: HTTP Requests and Api
Lecture 101 Module 11 Intro
Lecture 102 What is HTTP methods
Lecture 103 What is HTTP response and response codes
Lecture 104 What is Api
Lecture 105 Getting to know the HTTP requests packages
Lecture 106 Make our first request to weather API with postman
Lecture 107 Write weather app with Flutter and Http package
Lecture 108 Module 11 speaks
Section 12: Integrate Chat Gpt with the Flutter app
Lecture 109 Module 12 Intro
Lecture 110 What is Chat Gpt
Lecture 111 Getting Chat Gpt Api keys and setup
Lecture 112 Write Chat Gpt application for Flutter
Lecture 113 Module 12 speaks
Section 13: Tensorflow with Flutter
Lecture 114 Module 13 Intro
Lecture 115 What is Tensorflow
Lecture 116 ML package and Tensorflow Model
Lecture 117 Write Object Detecting Application With Tensorflow
Lecture 118 Module 13 speaks
Section 14: Face Detection with Flutter
Lecture 119 Module 14 Intro
Lecture 120 What is Face Detection
Lecture 121 Write Face detection application with Flutter
Lecture 122 Module 14 speaks
Section 15: OCR with Flutter
Lecture 123 Module 15 Intro
Lecture 124 What is OCR and Use cases
Lecture 125 OCR setup and write OCR app with Flutter
Lecture 126 Module 15 speaks
Section 16: Notifications
Lecture 127 Module 16 Intro
Lecture 128 What is Notifications
Lecture 129 Working with Local notifications and their packages
Lecture 130 Working with Firebase Remote Notification
Lecture 131 Writing medicine reminder application
Lecture 132 Module 16 speaks
Section 17: Firebase Cloud storage
Lecture 133 Module 17 Intro
Lecture 134 Define our first database model in Firebase
Lecture 135 Store Information in the User collection
Lecture 136 Store Images in Firebase cloud storage
Lecture 137 User Registration app (part 1: Login functionality with Google Login)
Lecture 138 Module 17 speaks
Section 18: Testing approaches in Flutter
Lecture 139 Module 18 Intro
Lecture 140 What is testing in Flutter and TDD
Lecture 141 News app unit testing
Lecture 142 Module 18 speaks
Section 19: Git
Lecture 143 Module 19 Intro
Lecture 144 What is Git
Lecture 145 How to Install and use Git
Lecture 146 Push and Clone our first code from Git
Lecture 147 Module 19 speaks
Lecture 148 Clone first repo with Git
Lecture 149 Module 19 Speak
Section 20: App uploading to Google Play and App Store
Lecture 150 Module 20 Intro
Lecture 151 Upload developed application on Google Play
Lecture 152 Upload developed application on App store
Lecture 153 Upload our app to Google Play
Lecture 154 Upload our app to the App Store
Lecture 155 Module 20 speaks
Section 21: Mobile Developer Making money trending ways
Lecture 156 Module 21 Intro
Lecture 157 Working as a Freelancer
Lecture 158 Working as an employee
Lecture 159 Working as self-contract person
Lecture 160 Working as a blogger
Lecture 161 Working as teacher
Lecture 162 Working as a Mobile app Template Seller
Lecture 163 Module 21 speaks
Section 22: Course Wrap-up and Conclusion
Lecture 164 Recap of the key concepts and techniques covered in the course.
Lecture 165 Encouraging further exploration of advanced Flutter and Machine Learning topics.
This course is for everyone who Love programming and want to Build their own awesome Advanced Tools with Flutter,This course is for everyone who wants to make money online and Enjoy it
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