September 29 2023

Negotiation Masterclass Complete Skills Course

Negotiation Masterclass  Complete Skills Course
Published 8/2023
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A Complete Guide to Mastering the Art of Negotiation: Strategies, Communication, Planning, Cultural Dynamics, and Tips
What you'll learn
Understanding Negotiation Fundamentals: Learn the core principles and concepts that form the foundation of effective negotiations.
reating Win-Win Solutions: Discover techniques to foster mutually beneficial outcomes in negotiations, ensuring all parties feel satisfied.
Effective Communication Skills: Develop advanced communication strategies for clear, persuasive, and impactful negotiation discussions.
Active Listening Techniques: Master the art of active listening to comprehend and respond to counterpart's needs, interests, and concerns.
Body Language and Nonverbal Communication: Understand how body language and nonverbal cues play a pivotal role in influencing negotiations.
Building Rapport and Trust: Explore methods to establish trust and rapport, facilitating smoother and more productive negotiations.
Preparing for Negotiations: Learn how to research, gather information, and formulate a robust negotiation strategy prior to discussions.
Setting Clear Objectives: Develop skills in setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) negotiation goals.
Bargaining Techniques: Explore a range of bargaining tactics, from anchoring and framing to concession strategies and package deals.
Negotiating in Different Cultures: Understand how cultural nuances influence negotiations and adapt your approach for global interactions.
Handling Difficult Personalities: Develop skills to handle challenging personalities and defuse tense situations during negotiations.
Power Dynamics and Influence: Understand power dynamics in negotiations and how to leverage influence to achieve favorable outcomes.
Managing Time Pressure: Discover methods to manage time constraints and make informed decisions under pressure during negotiations.
Post-Negotiation Relationship Building: Learn strategies for maintaining positive relationships after negotiations conclude.
elf-Reflection and Continuous Improvement: Develop a habit of self-assessment and ongoing improvement in negotiation skills.
Openness to Learning: Approach the course with a willingness to learn and explore the valuable insights it offers.
Trying Recommended Strategies: Consider trying out the strategies suggested for achieving success and positive outcomes.
Welcoming Change: Embrace change with a desire for success in both professional and personal aspects of life.
Belief in Personal Growth: Hold the belief that mastering negotiation skills is an achievable journey toward enhancing effectiveness.
Welcome to this comprehensive Negotiation Masterclass Complete Skills Course, where the art of successful negotiation is unveiled through a series of meticulously crafted modules. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to enhance your deal-closing abilities or an individual seeking to improve everyday interactions, this course equips you with the tools, techniques, and mindset to excel in negotiations.Course Summary:Embark on a transformative journey through the core elements of effective negotiation. This course encompasses a range of crucial topics, offering you an immersive learning experience that translates into real-world results. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:Successful Negotiation Mindset: Lay the foundation for negotiation excellence by cultivating a mindset that thrives on adaptability, resilience, and strategic thinking.Barriers to Negotiation Success: Identify and overcome obstacles that often hinder successful negotiations, empowering you to navigate challenges with finesse.Stages, Planning & Decision Trees: Learn the structured approach to negotiation, from meticulous planning to constructing decision trees that guide you toward optimal outcomes.Negotiating Models & Bargaining Positions: Explore various negotiation models and master the art of defining bargaining positions that maximize value for all parties.Active Listening & VAK Eye Accessing Tools: Harness the power of active listening and utilize VAK eye accessing techniques to decipher unspoken cues, enhancing your communication skills.Anchoring, Framing & Reciprocation: Dive into advanced techniques such as anchoring, framing, and the psychology of reciprocation, giving you the upper hand in negotiations.Negotiation Finalizing & Conditional Agreements: Discover the intricacies of negotiation finalization and learn to craft conditional agreements that seal the deal effectively.Tradeables in Negotiation & Culture's Impact: Delve into the concept of tradeables and navigate cultural influences to establish rapport and understanding in global negotiations.
Section 1: Welcome to the Course
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Successful Negotiation Mindset
Lecture 2 Gaining Negotiating Opportunities
Lecture 3 Negotiation Process & Dynamic Behaviours
Section 3: Barriers to Negotiation Success
Lecture 4 Barriers to Negotiation Success
Section 4: Stages, Planning & Decision Trees
Lecture 5 15 Stages of Negotiation
Lecture 6 Explaining the ZOPA
Lecture 7 BATNA & WATNA
Lecture 8 Quiz Question: Utilizing Your BATNA & WATNA
Lecture 9 Utilizing Decision Trees
Section 5: Negotiating Models & Bargaining Positions
Lecture 10 Positional Bargaining
Lecture 11 Principled bargaining
Lecture 12 Hard & Soft Bargaining
Lecture 13 Distributive Negotiation
Lecture 14 Integrative Negotiation
Section 6: Conducting Negotiations & Making a Great 1st Impression
Lecture 15 Cultural Norms & Impact
Lecture 16 Using & Creating Anchors
Lecture 17 Where to sit in a Negotiation
Lecture 18 Handshakes & Greetings
Lecture 19 What to Wear
Lecture 20 Gift Giving
Lecture 21 Matching & Mirroring - Part 1
Lecture 22 Matching & Mirroring - Part 2
Section 7: Active Listening using VAK Eye Accessing Tools
Lecture 23 Introduction to VAK
Lecture 24 Visual Sensory Channel
Lecture 25 Auditory Sensory Channel
Lecture 26 Kinesthetic Sensory Channel
Lecture 27 Eye Accessing Cues
Section 8: Framing & Reciprocation & Tradables
Lecture 28 Framing in Negotiations
Lecture 29 Reciprocation in Negotiations
Lecture 30 Tradables in Negotiations
Section 9: Making Offers & Conditional Agreements
Lecture 31 Making Offers & Final Offers
Lecture 32 Conditional Agreements & Closing the Negotiation
Lecture 33 Final Thoughts & Tips
Ideal for Business Professionals: Tailored for individuals working in the business realm, seeking enhanced negotiation prowess.,Beneficial for Everyday Professionals: Designed to empower individuals in their daily professional interactions, regardless of their field.,Suitable for Enhancing Interpersonal Skills: Perfect for those aiming to elevate their achievements in both personal and organizational interactions.,Sales Teams: Salespeople seeking to enhance their negotiation techniques to close deals effectively while maintaining strong customer relationships.,Entrepreneurs and Startups: Individuals launching or running their own businesses who need to negotiate with suppliers, investors, partners, and clients.,Project Managers: Those responsible for managing projects, contracts, and resources, requiring negotiation skills to align team goals and meet project requirements.,Legal Professionals: Lawyers, legal advisors, and paralegals who negotiate settlements, contracts, and terms on behalf of their clients.,Human Resources Personnel: HR professionals dealing with employee contracts, salary negotiations, conflict resolution, and workplace disputes.,Procurement and Supply Chain Specialists: Professionals involved in sourcing, purchasing, and procurement who negotiate with vendors, suppliers, and distributors.,Real Estate Agents: Agents involved in property transactions who negotiate deals for buyers, sellers, and renters.,nternational Business Practitioners: Professionals engaging in cross-cultural negotiations across different countries and regions.,Mediators and Conflict Resolution Specialists: Individuals who facilitate negotiations to resolve conflicts and disputes in various contexts.,Educators and Trainers: Teachers, trainers, and educators looking to enhance their negotiation skills for classroom management, parent interactions, and school administration.,Anyone Seeking Personal Development: Individuals who want to improve their interpersonal skills, boost confidence, and enhance their ability to navigate various life situations.
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